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Managing Trauma with Yoga Treatment

Yoga is a known to relax the body. Bessel van der Kolk (2014) stated, People who feel safe in their bodies can begin to translate the memories that previously overwhelmed them into language." Yoga allows individuals to become relaxed and connected to their bodies, mind, body, and soul. Yoga not only calms the body but studies suggest that yoga can change the brain functioning by allowing the mind to express oneself. Van der Kolk (2014) states, "one of the ways the memory of helplessness is stored as muscle tension or feelings of disintegration in the affected body areas: head, back ,and limbs in accident victims, vagina and rectum in victims of sexual abuse."

Van der Kolk, B. (2014). The body keeps the score: Brain, Mind, and body in the healing of trauma. Penguin Books, New York, New York.

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