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........This organization plans to bridge the gap by educating the community as to what trauma is and how it can affect people in their everyday life. We will also give individuals who continue to suffer due to experienced direct or indirect trauma suggestions of alternative evidenced-based treatment (expressive arts treatment), and traditional talk therapy. In addition, we want to not only educate communities but give survivors the necessary tools to breathe by providing trauma facilities utilizing expressive treatment.   ​

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I am Speaking Up

The Play "I am Speaking Up" is a powerful story of a young woman's journey to find her voice. Through her experiences, she discovers the strength and courage to stand up for herself and those around her. The play is an inspiring message of self-empowerment and resilience. It encourages audiences to speak up for what they believe in and stand up for their rights. It is a story of hope and transformation that will empower people to take control of their lives and find their voice. Through this story, we learn that our voice is our most powerful asset and that we should always use it to speak up for what is right.

Angelic Muhammad, PhD, MRT, CPLC, ELi-MP, Thai Yoga bodywork specialist 

Angelic Muhammad is the CEO of INSPIRE US ALL 501(c)(3). Muhammad is a single mom, International Psychologist/ Key Note Speaker /Professional Life Coach/Author. Muhammad has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Findlay with a Minor in Communication Entrepreneur. Muhammad continued her education by gaining her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Capella University, CNA certified, and Certified Professional Life Coaching & Energy Leadership Index-Masters Practitioner. As she continues her education striving for her PhD in International Psychology with a specialization in trauma; Muhammad plans are to empower a nation.

Currently, she is the secretary of the International Women's House Nonprofit Organization. She was apart of the Henry Country Task Force for Domestic Violence. In 2015, she held the title as the President of the McDonough Historic Preservation Committee.  In 2009, she was a member of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society International, and an honored member of Cambridge Who’s Who. In 2010, she published her first Book, “From Allah’s Hands to my Womb” which entail poems, quotes, and short stories. In 2016 Muhammad published her second book, Amazon Best Seller, What is Love, What if Love and two workbooks 4 Steps to Resolving Emotional Conflict as it relates to trauma and abuse and the second one The Powerful Emotions of Love.

In 2011, Muhammad had the esteemed pleasure of presenting with a partner in San Paulo, Brasil. 

The project encompassed ways to enhance the communication between the doctors and the staff by creating a project which would assist with engaging a much more positive working atmosphere in the Hospital de Santa Marcelina.  She was also apart of the crisis counseling disaster team under FEMA training In 2013 for tornado survivors. She participated in a treatment model adaptation in Lusaka, Zambia on Zambia-Child Interaction Therapy: Approach to a Cultural Adaptation of parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). In 2017, she completed her dissertation in Lusaka, Zambia on Expressing Art  in Therapy: A Cultural Adaptation of Expressive Therapies Continuum Model  (ETC) Zambia.

As an inspirational speaker she have been invited to speak at several venues such as colleges, universities, and many conferences. Muhammad continues to take her message to the world, "Trauma happened to me: I am not Trauma." With this organization, her plans are to make sure the world knows what trauma is an the effects it has on individuals and family lives. Join us as we move our message forward to decrease mental and emotional trauma and Empower a Nation. 


Before I give my testimony I would like to give you a little background information about myself.  I was raised in a middle class Christian home.  I really have not experienced any difficult times in my life until my thirties.  It seems as if my world came tumbling down all at once with the passing of my father, divorce and financial struggles. I had a really hard time coping.  I found myself searching for answers that I knew could not be answered and my life was spinning out of control. 


It was not until I begin counseling with Dr. Muhammad that I was able to cope with life.  She provided me with the emotional and psychological support I needed to accept my situation. She addressed my concerns and helped me make healthy decisions for myself by encouraging me to better understand my emotions and gain insight on what was going on in my life.  I am truly grateful for her because she has positively impacted me and turned my life around.  

Forever Grateful, “Robin Corker”

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